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Mura 'To!
MC Cruz
Great Tasting and Value for Money

Hanako sushi is delicious and made fresh. The servings are generous too so it is value for money. 👍

Thanks you for the kind words, MC!

Yum yum yum

Very satisfied with the service from ordering online to coordinating with the actual store!
Maki Overload was very yummy! Spicy Tuna was a little too spicy for me, personally but still yummy too. :-P
My 1 comment is the some of the rolls weren't as tightly rolled as they should have been but it was Father's day, so I'm guessing the orders were back to back to back.
Yes, I will order again. Sana, the combo maki/sashimi platter will be available next time. Thanks Hanako SM Center Pasig!

Hi Ace! Thanks for leaving us your feedback! We'll let our team know your insights :)

Yasai Itame
nicolas isberto

🌸 Yasai Itame

Ebi Fry Platter
Jammie Tee
Room for improvement

The taste was ok, however the shrimps seemed even smaller than the tempura ( which was better) and it was a bit overcooked/dry. Also when I called to inquire I was told it will be 20pcs same as tempura but we only got 18pcs. Side salad was on the bland side too. Sauce was good though and service was quick as well as very friendly.

Hi, Jammie! Thanks for leaving us your feedback. We've already forwarded your comments to our Operations team and rest assured we are continuously improving our ways to serve you better.

Spicy Tuna Teriyaki Roll
Paolo Villanueva

Spicy Tuna Teriyaki Roll

Thanks for leaving a review, Paolo!

Salmon slices should be thicker for the price

Delicious food overall and price is just right except for the salmon platter.

Thanks for sharing us your feedback, Carlota! We appreciate it. We will relay your feedback to our operations so we can further improve our food & services. Thank you!

Good Service, Good Food

I ordered through the website and was delighted at the fast response. The staff even went the extra mile to call me up and discuss payment options to ensure that the food would arrive with no hiccups.

My family really loved the crispy salmon maki! 🍣

Thanks for leaving us your review, Isabela! We're glad you to know you've enjoyed our Crispy Salmon Skin maki!

SO worth the trip

Please open a branch in Alabang. It is so worth the trip. Salmon was so fresh and generous serving.

Thanks for sharing us your feedback, ACupino! Glad to hear you've enjoyed your trip to our branch!

Spicy Tuna Teriyaki Roll

Thanks for the review, Varick! Looking forward to serve you again soon!

Chicken Teriyaki Don
Luz Cielo Santos

Chicken Teriyaki Don

Thanks for your review, Luz! We look forward to serve you again soon!

Tuna Sashimi
Paolo Antonio Gonzalez

🌸 Tuna Sashimi

Thanks for leaving us your feedback, Paolo! Looking forward to serve you again soon!

Hanako's Best
Nicole Camins
The staff are customer-centered!

I ordered through the website and was supposed to pay COD. The lady from the Better Living branch called me to say that no driver was picking up her delivery request and it was most likely due to the COD mode of payment. She agreed with me paying through Gcash instead.

However, when the driver arrived, the kept on complaining about the pin when it was actually correct! I asked her if it was okay to just rebook the delivery than deal with a very loud and angry driver (I could hear him in the background). She handled the situation VERY calmly and even kept communicating with me throughout the entire process until my order arrived!

I work in the customer service industry and I've never experienced such customer service from a local establishment where I know the person went above and beyond! Kudos to the Better Living branch!!!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Nicole! We're very glad to hear your ordering experience with us, and we will share this with our team. Thanks & stay safe! :)

Everything was good

What we ordered, how we ordered, delivery, and comms from ordering to delivery - everything was good/went smoothly.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, AG! We appreciate it!

Katsu Curry
Tisha de Borja

The food was good

Thanks for the review, Tisha! Glad you enjoyed it!

Tempura Tray
Michael Angelo de Leon

Tempura Tray

Spicy Tuna Crunch
Mido Enomoto

Tastes amazing!

Spicy Combo
Ian Taylor

Spicy Combo

Miso Soup
Elizabeth Landicho

Miso Soup

Menchi Katsu Burger
Gian Carlo Tiu

Menchi Katsu Burger

Thanks for leaving us a review, Gian!
We hope you to satisfy your cravings again soon!

Spicy Combo
Katrina Kirong

Sooo good!!!

Hi Katrina! Thanks for leaving us a review! We're happy that you love our Spicy Combo platter!

Beef Yakiniku
Amalia Reyes

🌸 Beef Yakiniku

Thanks for leaving us a review, Amalia! We appreciate it. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, you may email us at Thank you!

California Maki
anna marie molina

California Maki

Kani Salad
Judith Salanguit

Not so fresh anymore, it’s saggy

Thanks for sharing us your feedback, Judith. The delivery period may have affected the quality of our tempura, hence the sogginess. Rest assured that we're constantly improving the quality of our products, and we will forward your insight to our operations team. Stay safe!

Best Sushi!!

Been ordering Spicy Tuna Crunch since Hanako opened near our village in 2013. Absolutely love the improved version of it, and enjoy how it still tastes the way it did years ago. Definitely my go-to for sushi!

Also goes well with either the Spicy Tuna Teriyaki or Salmon Cream Cheese roll!

Hi KD!

We're happy to hear that you're a longtime fan of our Spicy Tuna Crunch! Thanks for sharing your #HandsDownGoodFood experience with us! We're looking forward to continue serving you!

California Maki
Cecilia Martinez

California Maki